How LED Technology Has Impacted the Factory Lighting Industry

Manufacturing spaces have drastically evolved from the dark conditions associated with the industrialism of past decades. Although these times were important to the development of western culture and wealth, they also hugely influenced the global warming crisis that we find ourselves in today. Businesses are now going the extra mile to be recognized as energy efficient.

(image: Legend LED Lighting)

LED tchnology has made this task achievable and, with quality and efficiency guaranteed, is a favorite amongst customers and businesses.

However, energy efficiency is not the only selling point for factory LED lighting.

Safety issues of factory lighting
Poor illumination in the workplace can result in a range of health issues. This is why it’s essential that factories and other business spaces have the right lighting solutions. Some of the health problems caused by poor lighting include headaches, fatigue, and eye strain.

LED lights give a very crisp and bright light which means warehouses are able to correctly illuminate the workspace. Good visibility can reduce the rate of accidents at work.

A business that got caught on the wrong side of this was hauliers, Harris transport. They were fined more than £42,000 after an employee becoming permanently disabled after a forklift ran over his leg in a poorly lit area.

The cost efficiency of factory LED lighting
Replacing existing factory lights with LED alternatives can decrease your monthly electricity bills by up to 75%. This is why many businesses are flocking to these lighting solutions; it’s simply more economical. Unlike traditional lighting, LED factory lights offer an ROI for businesses and pay for themselves over time. Additionally, they have huge lifespans, which mean lower maintenance costs and rebates.

As the technology developed, LED lighting has also come down in price. Retailers like Legend LED Lighting offer bulk discounts on LED factory lighting, making it extremely affordable to fit out an entire building. This is what makes LED factory lights more than just an alternative solution: they win in terms of price, quality, and safety.

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