1) Back Light Your Computer Desk / Workstation

backlit computer desk

Depending on what kind of lighting you choose for your everyday workstation, you can get different results, moods and designs. One the things that looks really good is when LED tape lighting is used behind and around a workstation, as ambient lighting. It sets the mood and looks awesome. Backlit workstations really know how to bring the drama. Adding backlight through the use of LEDs is an easy way to add drama and reduce eyestrain when working on a computer in a dim room.

2) Stylish Lighting for Underneath Your Furniture

stylish furniture lit up from underneath

There is a fine line between tacky and stylish. Some tacky ideas can yield some great results, even if they verge on being completely tacky. We have to say that usually lighting that is put underneath furniture doesn’t look too good. However, if it’s tastefully done, undercarriage lighting can really be effective and beautiful.

3) Trace the Outline of a Mirror

backlit mirror

A mirror with the outline covered in flex tape lights is an easy way to add extra light to daily routines, such as shaving, applying makeup, and more.

4) Back Light your TV / Projector Screen

backlit projector screen

Give your TV or projector screen a new image with a modern ambient backlight using our LED tape lights. The light bounces off your wall to give an ambient soft glow that will enchance your TV viewing experience. Reduce eye strain when watching TV, give your living room or bedroom a stylish ambient light and some claim the TV picture looks more vivid with their TVs backlit.
Have an idea for LED RGB tape lights uses? Please share them with us in the comments and head over to http://bit.ly/1IjRRe5 to pick up some tape lights to experiment with!

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